Sunday, 23 September 2012

Jon Woolfenden

Disco Inferno Part 1
2012 Oil on canvas 180x165

It was early doors in the Swordfish and already like kicking out time.  

Wilson was late as ever, so I sat quietly and killed time with some text conversations.  
“I’m having a pint in the land of the Uglies”  I told Sandra.  She said she was sat at her desk, bored, doing her nails. 
“What colour?” I asked.  
“Disco Pink” came the answer.

Folks were screaming – out of control.  

Wilson arrived, eager to go down to the harbour to take some photos, I finished my pint.  

There was this mad scarlet sky silhouetting the beamers.   The Gantry’s of the ice making factory appeared to hover in a swirling mass of fire;

The heat was on, rising to the top.  

The electric lights above the line of work stores quivered and cast warm hues onto piles of gear strewn around the quay.  

Satisfaction came in a chain reaction.

Back in the Swordy, and there’s one tune I have to find on this juke box…..

I couldn’t get enough so I had to self destruct

Part 1.

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