Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Paul Tucker
Graphic Design and Photography 

A chance to see Paul's photographs of a gallery being refurbished in another gallery that is itself being refurbished!

Private view on Wednesday 13th February 6-9pm at the Hanmi Gallery 30 Maple Street London W1 6HA - -

Monday, 7 January 2013

First of all Happy New Year! Wishing you all a creative 2013.

A brilliant start to the year with the following piece sent to me by Diana Dean now residing in British Columbia, Canada.

"The Demonstration " 6' x 8' oil on canvas

Diana Dean

"This painting was done after I had gone with other artists to the Clayoquot Rainforest, an area in British Columbia, Canada where they intended to log this huge old growth forest. I did this painting from a few scribbled drawings, done at this time. The demonstration was successful and this special area is now protected from further logging."

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Stephanie Sampson


I recently recieved an email from Stephanie, a Greek Canadian artist who sent me these striking pictures from her The Faces of Nemesis; Investigative Painting on the Streets of Athens (2012). The work shows people affected
by the recession and are watercolour portraits done on location on the streets of
Athens, Greece 2012. 

Stephanie says "I will be doing similar portraits on London streets in Feb 2013..
(needless to say, the risk of making cliche images of the poor is a danger, but
I try to bypass that with economy of means and unsentimentality)".
After leaving Corsham Stephanie went on to do a MFA in Canada.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Roger Deakins
Graphic Design

A real hero of mine, and the cinematographer on many of the Coen brothers finest films, Roger Deakins, on the set of Sam Mendes's Skyfall with that car! And yes he went to Corsham, but just not quite sure of the exact dates.

Axel Scheffler

As a first year I was lucky enough to help a certain third year put up his degree show in Beechfield house to the sounds of the Cocteau Twin's Treasure album. He kindly rewarded me with an illustrated card for my younger sister which she loves til this day. The show got a first, Axel illustrated The Gruffalo, and what do you know this year his illustrations are on the Christmas stamps.
Gwilym John

New paintings in acrylic

Monday, 29 October 2012

Helen Simmonds
Thanks to Helen for sending me one of her paintings from the forthcoming show

Small Works for Christmas
Beaux Arts Bath
19 November - 22 December
Private View Saturday 17 November

The show will also feature work by Simon Allen, Jackie Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, Akash Bhatt, Mark Johnston, Nick Mackman, Elisa McLeod, Nathan Ford, Anthony Scullion, Jason Walker and Simon Wright. 

Beaux Arts Bath, 12-13 York St, Bath BA1 1NG  00441225464850

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Guy Thomas, Richard Crooks and Iain Cotton

30 October–4 November 2012
Open daily 10.30am–5pm
Private View on Tuesday, 30 October 5.30–8.30pm

3+1 steel stone clay paint presents three sculptors and one painter
who over a 25-year period have shared a critical dialogue relating to
the formal considerations and influences in their work – abstract and
figurative alike.
The three sculptors – Iain Cotton, Richard Crooks and Guy Thomas –
work respectively in stone, clay and steel to explore the expressive
elements of their material. They studied together at Bath Academy of
Art (1984–7), where they were influenced by the teaching of Charles
Hewlings. He supported the direct, exploratory and three-dimensional
approach to making sculpture that these students were engaged in.
At Wimbledon School of Art, Barbara Cheney studied painting
(1988–91) and in the same period, Charles taught in the sculpture
department where Guy worked as technician and lecturer, and
Richard undertook an MA in Site Specific Sculpture. After graduating,
Barbara and Guy immediately formed a close, ongoing critique of
each other’s work.
All four artists believe that their work should speak for itself and
reveal strong formal qualities; underpinning this is the discipline of
drawing. All are members of Bath Society of Artists and Guy is the
current Chairman. The Society has had strong connections with Bath
Academy of Art, including artists that taught there such as Patrick
Heron, William Scott and Howard Hodgkin.

‘Iain, Richard and Guy constituted, for me, the core of their year
group at Bath Academy of Art. My visits there were unfailingly
enlivened and made stimulating by them. How to account for the
unusual chemistry between them? On the one hand, a shared
belief (untaught for the most part) that inanimate material can,
with passion, be made to speak; and, on the other, very different
aptitudes, temperaments and (sculptural) rhythms. And hunger,
and intellectual curiosity and much more. Always in the light of
a recent discovery in the world of sculpture, each piece of work
was a criticism of the one before, and of course a response to
each other’s latest. So, I believe, the creative rivalry between
them continues…’
– Charles Hewlings