Monday, 2 July 2012

Iain Cotton

Designing and carving lettering, relief carving in stone and sculpture are my working passions. So I make headstones, house signs, gifts and garden sculptures to commission. I have been trying to break into the public art sphere for a long time and finally...
This years big project is a commission to carve a marker for the beginning and the end of the Cotswold Way. It will be sited in front of the west doors of Bath Abbey, where the Way starts or finishes, depending on which way you walk!  The other end is in Chipping Cambden. The lettering will be designed and carved by hand, and cut in a disk of Irish Blue Limestone, 1.4 m across. We Have just received planning permission, so its full steam ahead. I will be carving in July and August, for installation in September.
I am supposed to find some time to make work for an exhibition too...!

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